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Honda Fury Pair Valve Block off plates

2010- Curent Honda VT1300 Pair Valve Removal  




















To remove the Pair Valve Solenoid you will have to take the tank off.


1. (2 person job here) Undo the 10mm bolt at the rear base of the tank (presume your seat is already off). Remove the bolt. Lift the rear of the tank up about 2 inches and slide it to the rear about 2 inches. Lift the front of the tank up to access the wires under it. Do not disconnect the fuel lines just the wires to the fuel gauge. Carefully swing the tank around 90 degrees to the left of the bike and have some one hold it or better still have something there to sit it on. Wrapping a towel around the base of the tank will help to stop it rubbing on the frame etc. 


2. Remove the chrome covers on top of the cylinder heads and whatever other covers you need to remove from around your air intake to access the PAIR valve which sits between the frame rails above  the front of the rear cylinder (hope that makes sense).







3. Disconnect the tubing from the REED housings and the air cleaner.







4. Using an 8mm socket on an extension go down from on top of the frame under the tank and undo the one bolt holding the PAIR solenoid in place. 


5. You should be able to wriggle and manipulate the solenoid out across the top of the injectors, on the way out unclip the electrical plug from the PEAR solenoid, the lead is about 6 inches long.










6. Now remove each of the REED covers, 2 x 8mm bolts, HINT: The rear REED cover is a real pain to remove with the tank bolted in position, best access is through the frame with the 8mm socket and extension.  pull out the gasket plate (#4) and snap off the head of the screw.  ( easy to do with a pair of pliers.). Replace the gasket plate #4 without #1,2,& 3. Then instal the Block off plates      


7. Bung up the hole left in your air cleaner with the provided rubber plug. There is no pressure on this bung you are just stopping the dust and crap from being sucked into your engine. 


8. Cable tie the 6 inch plug from the PEAR solenoid back to the main loom.


9. Put the tank and seat and covers all back on and start your engines.

Honda Fury Pair Valve
Honda Fury Block off Plates
Honda Fury pair valve plates
Honda VT1300 pair valve plates
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Honda Fury Pair Valve Block off plates
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