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Cera Chrome Inferno Dual Exhaust

Cera Chrome Inferno Dual Exhaust


Each of our exhaust are made by hand in USA. They are Raw and you get to pick the color. We Proudly build right here In the U.S.A. Exhausts take 4-8 weeks to receive. After Market wraps will void the warrenty. 

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    This is one BAD ASS set of pipes!!! Thats all that really needs to be said about these. These are Unlike any other VT exhaust out there. This set of pipes starts out at 1 3/4" steps up to 1 7/8" & then a 2" flared tip. 


    Upon recieving your pipes. Product must be kept clean & free of any grease. Start bike and allow to run for 15 minuts to complete the ceramic coatings curing process. Allow pipes for completely cool before use. Thats it, enjoy your pipes & ride safe.


    Jetting/ Fuel Controller
    Most pipe swaps require some rejetting or remapping of the fuel system. EPA regulations have forced the manufactures to run bikes on the side of lean, so in many instances, additional airflow created by installing a less restrictive exhaust system pushes them over the edge. The rule of thumb is; the less restrictive the new exhaust, the more likely it is to require rejetting. This is particularly true if you're making a radical change in the exhaust system design. Not having the correct tune will cause the coating to crack & rust. Make sure your bike is tuned properly.


    *Not following these steps will damage the coating, voiding any & all warranty. 

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